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Stanford encourages and welcomes researchers and industry sponsors working together on research and projects. There are various ways for industry sponsors to work together with researchers at Stanford, such as through a gift, sponsored research, joining an affiliate program, providing materials and data, collaborations, loaning equipment and/or software, and sponsoring fellowships for Stanford students. ICO, specifically, can assist with the following types of agreements:

  1. Industry Sponsored Research Agreements (SRAs) are used when companies fund research at Stanford.
  2. Material Transfer Agreements (including Human Material Transfer Agreements) govern the transfer of incoming and outgoing materials between Stanford and other entities.
  3. Data Use Agreements (DUAs) allow Stanford researchers to receive or share data sets with researchers at companies for research purposes.
  4. Equipment Loan Agreements provide the terms for companies to lend equipment to Stanford labs for research purposes.
  5. Collaboration Agreements between Stanford and outside researchers allow scientists with common interests to pursue common research objectives without exchanging funding. 

If you are in communication with a Stanford researcher and would like to initiate an agreement, the Stanford researcher can start the process by filling out an ICO Intake Form

If you are interested in licensing Stanford technology or would like to connect with a researcher, please contact OTL’s Business Development and Marketing Group at

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Sponsoring Research

Sponsored Research Agreements (SRAs) provide the terms and conditions for research at Stanford that is funded by outside parties. ICO negotiates the SRAs with companies to fund research projects at Stanford. 

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Industrial Affiliates Programs

Stanford Affiliate Programs provide companies and other organizations with the opportunity to engage with research programs, faculty, students, and others in a pre-competitive environment.

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Master Sponsored Research Agreements

Master Sponsored Research Agreements (Master SRAs) are used when companies plan to fund various research projects at Stanford.

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Technology Available for Licensing

Stanford has a wealth of technology available for licensing by companies. Learn about the different types of technology available and connect with the Office of Technology Licensing.