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Agreement Types

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Types of Agreements ICO Handles 

ICO's primary role is negotiating research-related agreements on behalf of Stanford with industry sponsors and collaborators. In addition, ICO processes and negotiates Material Transfer Agreements with for-profit, nonprofit, and governmental entities. The most common agreements ICO handles are described below.

For agreements that don't fall into one of these categories, please contact

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Sponsored Research Agreements

Sponsored Research Agreements (SRAs) are used when an outside entity funds research at Stanford. ICO handles SRAs funded by for-profit companies.

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Collaboration Agreements

Collaboration Agreements between Stanford and outside researchers allow scientists with common interests to pursue common research objectives without exchanging funding. 

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Material Transfer Agreements

Incoming Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) provide the terms for Stanford researchers to receive a wide variety of physical materials, including animal models, for research use from both nonprofit and for-profit entities.

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Master Sponsored Research Agreements

A Master Sponsored Research Agreement (SRA) governs the activities of multiple research projects at Stanford funded by an outside entity. It can include multiple Stanford PIs or a single Stanford PI.

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Outgoing Material Transfer Agreements

Outgoing material transfer agreements (OMTAs) govern the transfer of materials developed at Stanford to outside researchers.

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Human Tissue Agreements

Human Tissue Agreements (HTAs) govern the transfer of tissues and other biological materials extracted from human subjects to outside researchers.

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Data Use Agreements

Data Use Agreements (DUAs) or Data Transfer Agreements (DTAs) allow Stanford researchers to receive or share data sets with researchers at companies for research purposes.

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Software License

Software Licenses provide the terms for Stanford labs to use software provided by companies at no cost to Stanford.

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Equipment Loans

Equipment Loan Agreements provide the terms for companies to lend equipment to Stanford labs for research purposes.

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Nondisclosure Agreements

Nondisclosure or Confidentiality Agreements (NDA/CDA) allow researchers to exchange confidential or proprietary information prior to establishing a research collaboration or project.

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Service Center Agreements

Service Center Agreements allow outside entities to use services provided by established Stanford University Service Centers.